Soy (the enemy)

    *warning* I will be blogging about soy a lot

    I think it is insane that it has come to the point of never dining out again. It is almost impossible to avoid. I chose sushi last night assuming raw vegetables with rice would be a safe bet. Why do I assume? Assuming is the worst frame of mind to be in when it comes to soy.
    I decided to go with spicy yellowtail along with my plain raw vegetables. Wrong choice. The spices! Why did I forget about the spices? Why does soy need to be in the spices? It was spicy raw fish with raw vegetables. I thought I was safe. Due to my lack of judgement I spent the rest of the night with soy poison coursing through my veins.
    This morning my mother gave me some enzymes since the soy bothers my stomach. She had bought at the health store and was very pleased with it. I took one then began reading the label to see what good stuff was in it. I couldn’t tell you what good stuff was in it since all I saw was soy!
    After this weekend I’m starting the soy elimination revolution. We need to get soy out of every form of food. This is ridiculous! It shouldn’t be in everything that we eat. This can not be healthy! Join me to eliminate soy!

    Drumsound rises on the air, its throb, my heart.

    A voice inside the beat says, ” I know you’re tired, but come. This is the way.”


    My pondering thoughts

    I have pondering thoughts regarding my insane battle with soy. I don’t even want to call it an allergy because it is more like a poison to me. When I ingest it I feel like it is slowly killing me. I want to explain to you exactly what it does to me so you can understand my new found hatred to the soy population.

    When I ingest soy my gastric system shuts down causing enormous swelling in my stomach, legs, arms, hands and feet. I also get to experience a lovely headache, stomach pain, muscle weakness, and fatigue. To explain the muscle weakness it is difficult for me to carry a bag of groceries and sometimes even my purse. Now I have also developed a new symtom which pertains to my eye swelling for days, blurry vision, and eye pain.

    Now, why I am angry with the soy industry is because it is in almost everything. Some form of it is in everything. If you don’t believe me run now to your pantry and take a look. If it wasn’t so hard to avoid I wouldn’t have so much trouble with it. I mean I can’t even have a Tum for heartburn without having to check the label. Swollen eyes and messed up stomach all due to Tums. That is how I spent my Christmas Eve. So, why does soy have to be in everything? Why must it be so hard to avoid? Can it actually be good for you if the FDA approves it to be in everything? They approved high fructose corn syrup and now we see the health effects of it. So what about soy? Can all this soy be good? I mean most of it is GMO soy, so how can that be good. Even if it was extremely healthy too much of a good thing can not be a good thing. For example: Oranges are healthy but lets put a form of it in almost everything that we eat. Would it still be good for us or would we have an overload? Just thoughts to ponder….

    Snow Day part 2

    The events that I applied to my snow day today.

    1. washed some dishes

    2. made some tacos for myself since I was all alone during my snow day

    3. turned on food net-work to drown out the silence in my apt and the weird organ music coming from my neighbor’s apt.

    4. fell asleep to the food net-work

    5. watched the stormtrooper twerk video

    6. watched parkour videos

    7. started bouncing off my couch acting like I was doing parkour

    8. most likely pissed off my downstairs neighbor

    9. that is what he gets for living on the first floor. You have a crazy girl like me living above you

    10. decided that I needed to do a hand stand. I got one leg off the floor, face smashed into the couch, and uncontrollable laughter. I’m sure my next door neighbor thinks I’m crazy if he hadn’t already figured it out.

    11. I then decided to add more crazy work-outs to my routine…(if I had a routine)

    12. 5 cups of coffee total for the day

    13. it shows with all of this crazy activity

    14. drinking water and laughing out of breath from my new work-outs

    15. danced to the stormtrooper twerk video

    16. danced again to the stormtrooper twerk video. My downstairs neighbor must really hate me by now

    17. vacuumed all of my hardwood floors

    18. by now I hear my downstairs neighbor knocking on the wall. What?? it is still daytime and I am only vacuuming. Oh yea, forgot all the dancing and parkour moments.

    19. discovered the bold guy’s youtube videos. (will share a link. look for it)

    20. making blog plans… for it

    22. wrote this blog post and the part 1 blog post

    21. calming down for the evening to watch #TheOriginals. I can’t think of a better way to end the snow day than to watch the favorite character Klaus who used to be the most hated character. How did he turn those tables?


    My Snow Day:

    So, today my city was hit with what appeard to be a minor blizzard resulting in about 6 inches of snow. For a city that hasn’t had this much snow it about 4 to 5 years, it was a shock. I am not one to be so frightened especially since an AWD was passed to be a few months ago. That being said you can not trust Kentucky drivers. They get behind the wheel and pretty much go crazy. It did, however, take me an hour to get to work this morning.
    I must now begin my rant on my morning with my new boss. Be warned that this blog post is mainly just a rant. My co-worker contacted him at 6:30am asking for a two hour delay. Denied. She and I decided to head out extremely early to miss the mass of traffic since it was currenly snowing. Halfway to work he calls us….let me repeat that…He CALLS us during stressful commute to state one of our other co-workers called him demanding a two hour delay, which he granted. WTH??? I continue on since I am almost there.
    I must warn you that this will be my second rant concerning my work experience for the morning.
    I get to work and my new boss is already there. The wind is blowing so hard you can barely see through the snow. I get to the front door and it is locked. Really? I am fumbling with my coffee to find my keys. I finally get in the door covered in snow when my boss runs out of his office declaring the location is shut down for the day. Really? He knew I was still on my way to the office. I didn’t turn around for his two hour delay that he called 30 minutes before my shift started. Now, I am the last one he decides to call to inform the office has been shut down for a snow day. Really???? I was not a happy person.
    The link above has become my favorite video for the new year. I discovered it this morning before leaving for work. This has made my morning and it has continued to make my day considering that I do not feel any respect with my new found leadership. I felt the need to share it with the world. Enjoy!

    The only B-word you should call a woman is ‘beautiful’. Bitches love being called ‘beautiful’.
    Unknown (via connotativewords)

    I think I will dance by candle light instead

    Tonight I want to be a poet. I want to light a candle, sit in the floor with a racing mind of words to form into poetry. I want to see my page scribbled in ink of every color that I can think of…I want purple, green, blue…to blend together in a hue that I call poetry. I want to write with inspiration dripping from my pen and not sitting here staring at the wall needing something to inspire me to write in color.

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